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Sam Houston Memorial Museum!

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum complex is located on the site of the homestead of General Sam Houston. In 1905, faculty and students of Sam Houston State University organized a drive to purchase the land. In 1911, the debt was paid and the property deeded to Sam Houston Normal Institute. With community support, the museum grew, and in 1936, the state legislature granted funds to build the rotunda building that now houses the main collection of Houston memorabilia.

The complex is built on a portion of the former Houston farm and features the Woodland Home, built by Sam Houston and his wife Margaret in 1848. This was the family residence during much of the time he spent in the U.S. Senate. Four of the eight Houston children were born here. The kitchen is a replica of the original that once served the Houston family, and was entirely handmade by a museum craftsman, utilizing pioneer materials and construction techniques. The Law Office, located next to the home, was the center of Texas politics in the early days of the Texas frontier.